Leadership Science, LLC

Leadership Science® was founded with a singular mission – to systematically improve the leadership culture in tomorrow’s organizations’”  – Jim Hazy, Founder & CEO

Slide1Leadership Science, LLC is not Leadership development

It’s not workshops, and it’s not training. Leadership Science is a patented system of measurements and modeling, and it is a method of communication that precisely targets timely feedback, mentoring and coaching. Using 360 degree data gathering techniques and social media, the Complexity Leadership Framework diagnoses unfolding leadership challenges and recommends specific leadership actions to address them.

The Leadership Science method delivers effective leadership at all levels of an organization—on project teams, in meetings, social media exchanges, even during serendipitous hallway encounters—where it is needed, when it is needed. And its patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology learns about your organization so that leadership Science can provide even better advice the next time.

Using a proprietary technology platform, Leadership Science surgically delivers precise situation-specific, nuanced leadership advice that fits each unfolding and complex social context.  And it does this for everyone on your team and for everyone on their teams. By leveraging advances in big data and social media, the patented Leadership Science system is “management by walking around” (MBWA) on steroids!

Leadership Science is the future of business

Leadership doesn’t just happen in the executive suite. To succeed, to really succeed, people across the organization—and deep within it—must lead others in every work group. The organization must engender a culture of leadership.

Leadership Science makes the organization better at six core organizational functions that require effective leadership on the ground. Now, your work groups can become better at these six function and by doing so satisfy leadership’s key predicates of success:

Commit to Leadership Science today!  Implement  the patented Leadership Science  platform in your organization to build your own culture of leadership

Leap forward with Leadership Science!

Leadership Science, LLC links a culture-of-leadership to economic modeling to accelerate success. Start small; expand at your own pace. But hold on tight; you won’t believe how far – and how fast – you can go! 

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