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Slide1Leadership Science, LLC is a New Jersey, USA company that was was founded in 2004. Its sole mission to change the way organizations and managers think about and exercise leadership in their day-to-day working lives. Leadership science can make you better at your job and it can make you more effective at achieving what you hope to achieve in life.

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Leadership science includes patented and proprietary technologies and algorithms that use social media, data analytics and simulation algorithms to provide you with near real-time advice about your specific situation. Leadership Science suggests ways that you can be more effective as a leader.  The system uses common social media technologies to interact with workers and customers across your company to determine what’s working, what isn’t going as well. Most importantly, it tells you confidentially what you can do differently to accelerate what’s working and get less well performing work groups back on track.

How do we do it? Leadership science provides real-time personalized advice that applies to your specific situation, and it does so inconspicuously and confidentially.  For example, during a meeting, to others it seems as though that you are quickly checking an important text. However, what is actually happening is that leadership science is telling you that someone else in the room has something important to contribute, but due to the dynamics in the room, that person doesn’t feel “safe to say” it. You step in. You slow things down, and by doing so, you open up the discussion to consider new ideas. You subtly make sure that everyone has a chance to contribute. There are several good ideas expressed in this safe to say environment, and a better outcome results.  You never know how you received this important message that perhaps help find the best way forward.  Well, actually, you do: It’s Leadership Science!

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