Service Offerings

Leadership Science, LLC serves its mission through a tiered system of service offerings. 

The four tiers of services the Leadership Science provides range from providing this website as a complimentary knowledge distribution service for professionals who aspire to become better at leading, to more interactive, personalized subscription services, and ultimately even to highly customized firm-specific proprietary services tailored to the idiosyncratic needs of our client organizations.

  1. Situation-specific advice and research knowledge is available on free of charge to help individuals achieve their personal objectives. Please recommend our free service to your friends!
  2. Users who wish to engage with our experts in a more interactive experience can do so by registering for  interactive services. These services are available for various fees starting at a low annual fee for 24 hour interactive access.
  3. Groups or organizations can arrange one time events such as speakers, seminars/webinars, or workshops.
  4. Organizational leaders who seek to utilize Leadership Science more fully in their organizations can work with us to build and maintain their very own secure and proprietary Leadership Science knowledge distribution platform inside their company. Some features include:
    • Although similar to this generic experience offered in individual users, we will work with your IT department to tailor Leadership Science content and advice directly to your industry, strategies, objectives and results, from the C-suite down to each work group.
    • Proprietary Leadership Science implementations can begin small, addressing the needs of a particular work group, or they can span the entire global organization.
    • Remember, however, in all cases, Leadership Science provides confidential and personalized advice to individuals so that each individual can become more effective within his or her work group.  This is not a personnel management system that allows you to manage them; Leadership Science provides expert advice for their use so that they can manage their work more effectively!

Contact us today for more information about how Leadership Science can transform your organization!

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