Critical Thinking in Business

Stage 1. Locate and Evaluate Information

Levels of Competence:

  1. Separate factual information from inferences, opinions and beliefs.
  2. Interpret numerical relationships in graphs and other data visualization exhibits.
  3. Understand the limitations of correlational data.
  4. Evaluate evidence and identify inappropriate conclusions.

Stage 2. Creative Interpretation & Overcoming Cognitive Biases

Levels of Competence:

  • Recognize and minimize one’s own common cognitive biases
  • Identify alternative interpretations for data or observations.
  • Identify new information that might support or contradict a hypothesis. •Explain how new information can change a problem.

Stage 3. Self-Directed Learning & Problem Solving

Levels of Competence:

  • Separate relevant from irrelevant information in a given context.
  • Integrate information to solve problems.
  • Learn and apply new information.
  • Use mathematical skills to solve real-world problems.

Stage 4. Communicating Ideas & Issues Effectively for Decision-Making

Levels of Competence (Under Development)

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