Consider leading …

Before engaging your team, consider for a moment what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Then, take another minute to think about how best to do this as a leader.  

What you should do as a leader may be quite different than what you might do as an individual contributor. 

In  a famous scene from the 1949 WWII film Twelve O’Clock High, Brigadier General Frank Savage, played by Gregory Peck, asks his driver to stop for a moment on their way to the troubled base where he was about to assume command. Stepping out of the car, Savage paces for just a moment, relaxing with a few puffs on a cigarette. Only then, after a moment of reflection, does he get back into the car to enter the base and begin his command.

I know of no moment on film that captures the experience of leadership better than this (except for the anachronistic cigarette). Sometimes as a leader, you just have to slow down, if only for a minute. You need to take the time to steel your spine, to gather your thoughts, and to allow yourself to become the leader that others need to see.

Movie: 12 O'clock High-Graphic

What did General Savage do?  You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

The Leadership Science mobile resource is here for you. So pause for a moment. Go to the menu above or select the description that most closely matches what you are trying to do. We offer a continual resource that allows you to use the thoughts of others to help you choose how you will proceed. Reflect before you act.


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