Provide resources to try new things

To do great things people need time and resources. At the same time, most great ideas ultimately fail.  How do you learn to support the right projects?

Remembering your Alamo

No project starts out complete, no design works on the first try. The easiest way fail is to never give you team a chance to succeed. This happens when you starve a new idea before it has a chance to form into a success.

Montreal Jazz Festival

Allow time and resources to improvise – not forever, but long enough to see if a good idea becomes a promising project.

If it does, put some structure around the project until you begin to hear the music, but be patient, too much structure too soon can destroy the magic.

If the music doesn’t come, kill it.

Don’t let one bad idea be your Alamo.

The next idea might be the one. The resources you have saved by killing a loser can be used to give the next interesting idea a chance to be heard.

Jim Hazy

Founder and CEO, Leadership Science, LLC

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