Support differences of opinion

Healthy organizations maintain and explore differences, including differences of opinion.

Squaring off In Key West, Florida.

The test of a truly great organization is how well it manages differences and uses them to identify new opportunities and approaches that might

 otherwise be missed.

Supporting differences is like buying an insurance policy. It sure comes in handy when the facts change, or if something that you try actually fails unexpectedly. It’s good to have other ideas waiting in the wings.

Reflections of real people in Millennial Park Chicago, IL, USA

But it is also important for an organization to learn how to do this without impacting effective and efficient operations. Differences can be disruptive. Clarity provides focus.

But exactly how does a leader simultaneously promote the generative aspects of both of these seemingly conflicting working environments, and at the same time engender a healthy and vital organization that is both effective and resilient?

That is a story for a coming post.

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