The PACER Scale

The immediate feedback SmartPhone response method called The PACER Scale gets its name from the five most basic factors that are essential for individual success when working with others to achieve collective success. We call these routine disciplines baseline social hygiene because, when every member of a work group adheres to these disciplines, every event begins at fast pace and quickly accelerates from there.

Individuals are valued by others as workflow pacers and essential contributing team members when, for every event and interaction, they:  

Come Prepared with materials and research, ready to move forward;

Demonstrate Authentic participation and commitment to the team objectives;

Strive for Clarity of thought and communication;

Share Evidence to support their arguments and positions; and

Insist that activities and conversation remain Relevant to the group’s values, mission and objectives.

Pacing the Indy 500

PACER has metaphorical meaning as well. When races include the best and the fastest competitors in the world — like those who compete every May at the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway – it is essential that these world class competitors perform at the very top of their game. To do this, each racer must begin the event, not from a dead stop, but with a running start. Pacer car leads the racers around the track increasing speed gradually until every racer can perform at his or her best possible level. A pacer allows each competitor to hit the ground running at or near top speed.

In organization, high performance teams also have Pacers. These are the individuals who, by example, drive on the team to stay on top of their game. On the very best teams, everyone is a Pacer; everyone comes prepared, demonstrates authentic commitment to the team goals, speaks with clarity, shares his or her evidence so that the information becomes shared support the team’s activities, and always remains relevant to the activity at hand.

Are you a PACER? The RexL360 system and the PACER Scale allows you to know where you stand. It allows you to understand how other see you so that you can become, not only a pacer, but a top performer, and a winner!

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